A little about me.

Life after 30….I’ve always been active and enjoyed the outdoors. I enjoyed hunting and fishing as a kid, and pretty much any activity that involved nature. A few weeks before my 30th birthday I joined a good friend of mine in taking 7 or 8 of our Cub Scouts on a local hike! The moment we stepped on the trail I knew I had found my new passion. The kids were in awe as was I. We played like kids in the shallow water, and swam in the deeper. We taught them how to catch….and release crawfish in the stream. The trail so inspired me that following my 30th birthday I returned to the same trail…alone…for my first ever solo hike. The trail in question is the Fiery Gizzard trail in the Grundy Forest Natural Area in Tennessee. I arrived around 8:30am and spoke to the ranger about my plans for the hike to Ravens Point, signed the register and was on my way! The 10 mile loop trail that I hiked that day has forever changed my life and life philosophy! The wind and rain, the lightning that was so close the hair on my arms stood on ends. The beautiful overlooks and most of all SOLITUDE. I trudged through the whole 10 mile experience without meeting another soul. I’m not sure if it was nature and It’s elements or the quiet time to hear myself think…..but I fell in love. In love with mother nature and her splendor, in love with silence and time to think, and in love with shaking the stress of everyday life! 2 years later


I call hiking “recharging my batteries.” A way of ditching my worries and burning off unneeded burdens! I will be posting pics and blogs about current hikes I’m doing and planning for upcoming hikes in the future. I also plan to go back and revisit some of my past hikes to relive them with you. I hope to inspire others through my blog to get out and enjoy nature as well as to do everything within our power to protect it!

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One thought on “A little about me.

  1. angie mccormick

    love it….it is so u Travis.

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