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Trail Snacks

Just wanted to drop in a couple ideas for trail snacks on your next outing. Gorp is good but gets old after a while!

I brought a few new items on this weekends hike to try out and share! Pepperoni & Cheese Wraps, Endurolytes Fizz from Hammer Nutrition, and Shot Bloks from Clif. For starters we’ll cover the wraps! You don’t have to be a gormet chef to put these together!Just take these……and turn them into this! Simple enough??? 

Pepperoni is safe to carry for few days on the trail without refrigeration. There are a few cheese sticks on the market that are safe without refrigeration as well. You’ll just have to look in your area. I found them to be tasty and very filling. I usually eat quite a bit on the trail but it only took one of these to cover my lunch.

Moving along…

The Shot Bloks from Clif (the makers of Clif bars..yummmmm) are a pretty cool “pick me up”  on the trail. 95% of the ingredients are organic and they’re freakin delicious. Clif suggests you eat 3 to 6 per hour while training, but I usually just have one or two at a time and that may be hours apart. They have just what you need to get you up that last hill!

 And Finally…

Endurolytes Fizz from Hammer Nutrition are like Alka-Seltzer for dehydration! Fizz comes in a multitude of flavors but don’t expect to have your taste buds whipped into a sugary sweet frenzy. They do what they’re supposed to do…replenish the electrolytes that you’ve been pouring from your body!  I have carried Gatorade powder packs in the past and they pack a lot of flavor. That flavor comes at the cost of the weight, and that weight is mostly sugar. If your looking for something to keep your electrolyte levels high, in a lightweight, easy to dispense container…Endurolytes Fizz should join you on your next hike!

Happy Hiking 🙂

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